Doggy Daycare

Dog Day Care

What are the benefits of Doggy Daycare?

Socialisation reduces separation anxiety, and nervous behaviour while Exercise and mental stimulation reduces over energetic behaviour, and excess weight.

Playtimes reduces stress related habits, boredom, and destructive behaviours.


How do I enrol my Dog?

To ensure Crazy K9s Doggy Daycare is a fun and safe environment, all new enrolments must pass a temperament assessment.

Every new playmate is gradually introduced to other daycare dogs and their new environment. All dogs have access to time out and rest areas. Crazy K9s are able to cater for the individual needs and personalities of all members.

To ensure the safety of all dogs, Crazy K9s have on call consulting veterinary professionals for all general advice and emergencies.

NOTE: All dogs must hold a current C5 vaccination certificate and be spayed or neutered. Puppies can remain unaltered and come to daycare until they are 7 months old.


How is Doggy Daycare charged? 

Crazy K9s offers great discounts for pre-paid enrolments.

Assessment Fee $ 50.00 (deducted from First Booking)

    1 Dog 2 Dogs
1 day per week   $35 per day $60 per day
2 – 4 days per week   $30 per day $50 per day
5 days per week   $130 per week $240 per week
Weekend Daycare (9am – 3pm) $28 per day or $12 per hour


  < 10 km < 20 kms
Pick Up / Drop Off $20.00 $30.00
Morning Pick Up $15.00 $25.00
Evening Drop Off $15.00 $25.00
Weekend Surcharge $10.00
Additional Dog Surcharge $5.00


Everyday Shampoo $13.00  
Flea Shampoo $15.00  
Oatmeal Shampoo $15.00  
Medicated Shampoo $20.00  
Conditioning Treatment $3.00  
*Includes Hydrobath, Ears Cleaned, Nails Trimmed, Blow Dry, Hair Tidy (Paws, Bottom, Tummy, Face)
Small Dogs 10 kg $40.00
Medium Dogs 10 – 20 kg $50.00
Large Dogs 20kg + $60.00 +