About Us

Crazy K9s Training Methods

– EST 2005 –

We have created a different approach to dog training which empowers owners to appropriately establish a sound relationship, deal with behavioural issues when and as they arise and train their own dog the way they want. Our job as trainers is to give them the knowledge, tools and skills to replace us over time.

Traditionally, many people’s first impression of an obedience club is unpleasant to say the least. The trainer would be incredibly rude and condescending and made you feel like you were lucky they were taking the time to impart their vast knowledge. Many people have left obedience schools with very little knowledge or skill base and were all of a sudden out on their own feeling quite “short changed”.

We are determined to give owners and their dogs the best quality service, respect and dignity. We do not yell, patronise, embarrass, single out or chastise our clients in any way, shape or form. Our trainers have a more modern approach and see themselves in a service, mentoring and guidance role. We do not espouse to be experts in our field, rather, experience and highly skilled professionals who are committed to ongoing learning and development in keeping abreast of advancements in the field.

Everyone has to start somewhere and when our clients’ start they deserve to be treated in a manner that inspires them to want to learn and grow in their relationship with their dog and their capacity to train.

All our trainer’s carry nationally recognised certification from the National Dog Trainers Federation – Australia’s ONLY Government Accredited, Nationally Recognised Dog Trainer’s Certification Course.

Our trainer’s also hold a current Working with Children Blue Card and Police Clearance Certificate.